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Understanding the basics of EU secondary legislation
Delegated and implementing acts in 2018

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From endocrine disruptors to roaming, CAP greening to financial services, secondary legislation continues to impact directly on companies, NGOs and citizens across Europe.

Following the publication of their new updated Handbook on EU Secondary Legislation, PACT European Affairs is organising open-enrolment workshops in Brussels, delivered by Daniel Guéguen, Vicky Marissen and the PACT team.

Recognised as THE experts in the field, PACT’s operational workshops will explain the ins and outs of delegated acts, implementing acts and the Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny, giving you a clear understanding of these vital decision-making processes.


EU decision-making, the bigger picture

  • 4 stages: proposal, adoption, implementation, review
  • Why secondary legislation is so important

Background to secondary legislation

  • 2006 reform: RPS
  • 2009 Lisbon Treaty: 3 co-existing regimes
  • Better Regulation & IIA
  • 2017 reform proposal

Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny

  • A procedure due to be phased out

Delegated acts

  • Definition
  • Process
  • Impact of Better Regulation & IIA

Implementing acts

  • Definition
  • Process
  • Impact of the 2017 proposal, state of play

The Lisbonisation process

  • Aligning from RPS to delegated acts

  • State of play

Lobbying principles


Available dates

  • 19 June 2018

Duration: 3 hours (9.30am-12.30pm)

Location : Atrium, Rue de la Science 14, Brussels 1040

Maximum: 20 persons per session

Price: €200 x person
including a copy of the Handbook on EU Secondary Legislation (2018 edition)

Handbook 2018

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