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Our team
An international and multi-disciplinary team

PACT European Affairs' team is not only multinational, multicultural and multilingual but also multidisciplinary, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of European files. Our expertise on procedures is a result of the team’s strong legal roots.

The younger members of our team are generally recruited as trainees and trained in PACT’s methodology by the senior members. We do our best to keep all team members within our company and provide them with stimulating career opportunities.

At PACT, solidarity is key.

Every action taken aims to ensure the collective success of the business. Tolerance, cultural awareness and freedom of thought are all important values we seek to promote.

We are all profoundly pro-European. We stand for a Europe of citizens and a sustainable economy that respects human beings.

The founders

PACT - Daniel Gueguen

Daniel Gueguen

Head of strategy & lobbying

In 2012, having sold CLAN Public Affairs and the European Training Institute to the French group ESL, it seemed intellectually stimulating to create a new generation of consultancy, with a methodology based on combining topical expertise and procedural expertise, hence our motto - "You (client) master the topic - We (PACT) master the procedure". Given the complexity of the post-Lisbon procedures, this linking of technique and procedure is a key factor in successful lobbying.


PACT -  Managing Director - Vicky Marissen

Vicky Marissen

Managing Director

As committed pro-Europeans, PACT’s founders and team offer top-notch consultancy services including strategic advice, legal analysis, lobbying and communication, delivering high added value and outside-the-box thinking for our clients. EU decision-making processes, however complex they may be, are our turf and guiding our client through the maze is our core business.

The team

Steven Corcoran

Steven Corcoran

Senior consultant

Recognising the power of the written word, PACT has made its publishing activities a vital component of its public affairs practice. Among our many works, the Comitology Newsletter and the recently-published book on EU financial services in particular are indispensable tools for anybody navigating the kafkaesque maze of EU secondary legislation, as they are based on a simple concept: that information is the first step towards action.


PACT - Camille Dehestru

Camille Dehestru


Since I began working at PACT in March 2014, I have worked on many issues, from consumer safety to energy, from transport to food, and more recently, agricultural promotion applications – with great success. The one thing all files have in common is the importance of pro-active solutions and an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of each procedure. PACT consultants place these elements at the heart of the tailor-made services it offers to each client, making each file unique and each day different.

Thomas Tugler Pact europe

Thomas Tugler


One of the first things I learnt in Brussels is that European public affairs cannot be improvised. As specialists in procedures, our role is to help clients maneuver through the EU labyrinth without losing sight of the overall political and legal picture. It is for this purpose that I chose to join the PACT family.

Francesco Indaco - Pact - Communication assistant

Francesco Indaco

Social media manager

Needless to say, PACT has long been convinced of the importance of social networks as a tool of influence. My role within the organisation is to explore, optimize, develop and complete these networks in order to make the institutional communication component one of PACT's strengths.

Alexandra Bocquillion

Alexandra Bocquillion


PACT is the successful result of a united & pro-active team. We believe it is not about the size of the company but the quality of the services we provide, services that reflect the different specialisations of the consultants: legal, political and communication. Beyond the purely intellectual aspect of our work, it is also a matter of putting forward human qualities, which are vital for the profession of consultant in EU public affairs.