The Orphacol Saga – a Case Study by Daniel Guéguen

saga orphacol enThe Orphacol Saga

The whole story of how a small pharmaceutical laboratory stood up for its rights against the European Commission to obtain marketing authorisation for an orphan medecine.

A case study of a 1.000-day battle in the labyrinth of post-Lisbon comitology.

Download the case study by Daniel Guéguen here for free [pdf 28 pages]

Cette étude de cas est aussi disponible en français.


Author: Daniel Guéguen

  1. One really get upset about how some people are doing everything they can to bring bad reputation over EU. Is there an interest (lobbying) to make EU look as bad as possible?

    • For 40 years I have been pro-European in my genes. Still today I believe that we need more Europe and not less. That being said, I think the real Europeans have a double responsibility. The first is a responsibility stemming from a sense of conviction to fight for a real European political project. The second is the responsibility to oppose opacity, excessive bureaucracy and the ineffective governance of the European Commission.

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