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EPPA and PACT European Affairs merge their services and networks

EPPA and PACT relaunch ‘The European Training Institute’ (ETI)


You master the topic
We master the procedure

In 2010, we created the debate on secondary legislation
In 2017, we are the recognized experts and service providers in the field
PACT is at the forefront of European Public Affairs


Guiding you through the EU labyrinth,  we are specialists in delegated and implementing acts with 40+ years of experience

Workshop, Training, Coaching & Universities

Taking action in EU public affairs starts with training. Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen are professors at the College of Europe 


Reference books to download for free or buy 

Financial Services

The ins and outs of the decision-making process

Our experience will help you in the EU labyrinth

With 40 years of lobbying experience and recognised expertise in Brussels, Daniel Guéguen chose to create his new business,
PACT European Affairs, with Vicky Marissen on a 50-50 basis.

With its multicultural team and international clients, PACT European Affairs are known in Brussels as the experts on secondary legislation (delegated acts and implementing acts) which, according to Politico, will account for most of EU activity in 2017.

Daniel and Vicky complement each other: Vicky masters procedural analysis and has extensive legal expertise, while Daniel masters lobbying strategies and related techniques.

They combine lobbying on major issues with classes at renowned universities and reference publications.

PACT is at the forefront of European Public Affairs.

We are especially active on LinkedIn, Twitter and BlogActiv with tens of thousands of followers.
This is necessary for our visibility and our ability to express our views publicly.

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PACT in the Press They talk about us

  • According to Aaron McLoughlin, Public Affairs executive director at CEFIC, the largest European lobby representing the chemical industry, at PACT we are
    the “godfathers of comitology”.

    This quality is also recognised by POLITICO in a much-read article:
    "The C-word and the lobbyist".
    According to POLITICO: "There is an extreme confusion in the lobbying industry about procedures, said Daniel Guéguen, a veteran lobbyist who now heads up PACT European Affairs, a consultancy that specializes in ushering clients though the final stages of the legislative process”.