• EU FINANCIAL SERVICES : The ins and outs of the Decision - making Process

    With this new book – the first of its kind – PACT European Affairs and APCO Worldwide have combined their procedural and topical expertise to provide you with a visual, understandable overview of the EU system of financial services regulation.

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  • Brexit & The Common Agricultural Policy. An in-depth study

    Michel Jacquot and Daniel Guéguen have decided to make ‘Brexit’ more concrete by illustrating it through the prism of the Common Agricultural Policy. In this must-read text, they emphasise the procedural difficulties, the impact at WTO level and the implications for EU financing.

  • Unlock the EU in Three Days

    A three-day course organised by PACT European Affairs and Maastricht University

    The importance of European Union politics is rapidly increasing and so does its complexity.

    In this vein this course “Unlock the EU in Three Days” is a tailor-made programme that you can adjust to meet your own needs.

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  • You master the topic, we master the procedure

    Our clients master the content of their files. We back up their technical competence with equal competence in how these files make their way through the Community labyrinth. That is PACT European Affairs’ core business.

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  • Our Services

    PACT European Affairs’s services are unique in Brussels. They combine advanced training in the new EU decision-making processes with a ‘one step ahead’ approach to post-Lisbon lobbying. Our innovative business model is reflected in our publications.

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  • The Founders

    PACT European Affairs gets its name from the pact which was created between its two founders Vicky Marissen and Daniel Guéguen. Having worked together for 12 years at CLAN Public affairs and the European Training Institute, they reflect a common vision for European public affairs, a common methodology and a perfect complementarity.

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  • EU Public Affairs - How Brussels Works

    Daniel and Vicky both speakers at the latest EU Public Affairs Conference.

    Download for free their contributions on the EU State of Play and Comitology.


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